Meet the Owner

STEMS blossomed from entrepreneur and master gardener Laura Reilly's passion for flowers. Having lived in the Wakefield, Rhode Island area for many years, Laura saw a unique need for a floral shop in her community that sells strictly by the stem.


Introducing STEMS: a pick-your-own store that provides the freshest of seasonal flowers year-round! 

Our Vision

STEMS is not your typical florist. Here, we offer a true 

pick-your-own floral experience. We welcome our customers to choose from a variety of seasonal blooms and once you've finished your bouquet, a friendly staff member will wrap the flowers and prepare them for transport. 

At STEMS, we differ from other florists in that we do not offer pre-made arrangements or special orders. We pride ourselves on being a true “go-to” business without fancy arrangements and overpriced, generic floral options. With ample, convenient parking, it is easy to stop in and browse or make a quick stop on the way home. When you visit, make sure to check out our unique line of garden-related gifts and greeting cards.